The Story of Ohana Inns

About your Innkeeper Team

This is an Ohana Inn. Ohana means family in Hawaiian. At an Ohana Inn the family works to make sure that everyone has a great experience. We rarely sit still. You are welcome to get what you need when you need it and come and go as you please. This is your property just as much as it’s ours while you are here.

This active mindset doesn’t give us much time to sit behind a desk playing solitaire. Instead you may find the “innkeeper” out in the garden, baking muffins or folding laundry. The second you walk on the property you are family. We invite you to take off your shoes, plop down and relax, strum the guitar in the living room or even chat with us in the garden while we plant some veggies together ;).

Checking in and out: This is mostly a self serve property. We live here and work here to make the property the best it can be so you have a wonderful stay. That requires a ton of running around to keep things stocked, lawn care, cleaning and maintenance. You know how it goes with family… They are always there if and when you need them!

We expect you to have the time of your life, treat the property with respect and ENJOY! Oh and since we are from Hawaii we ask that shoes aren’t worn in the buildings (Hawaiian cultural thing).

About the Inn

The Open Hearth Inn was originally built by a member of one of Trenton's earliest families, circa 1820. Many of the original architectural details have survived, including the pumpkin pine floors, paneled wainscoting, and the large open hearth fireplace, complete with oven and iron crane. As motorists took to the roads after World War II and the popularity of Acadia National Park developed, the demand for tourist lodging grew. The early Cape Cod style house was converted to a lodging business in the mid 1940s. The first cottages were constructed in these early years and thereafter each consecutive innkeeper added a new facet to the accommodations. More cottages were built in the 1950s, motel rooms in the 1970s, apartments in the 1990s, and original rooms in the house were converted to suites in 2004.